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Local links

Here you can find a list of all our associates and partners, starting with the artisans, service providers and producers who are based locally.

You can find their products in our restaurant and shop or enjoy their activities on the campsite, and you can also visit them on their farms and premises.

Keep it local !

Activity organisors

Annexe numérique – photography
Association patrimoine de Saint Remèze – heritage walks
Billes du Val de Drôme – games of marbles
Mathieu Robert – night-time walks
Ophicius – astronomy

Local producers

Ardèche frais – fresh local produce from Ardèche
Henri Bayet – olive oil from Nyons
Clos de l’abbé Dubois – wine-grower
Clos de Prime – wine-grower
Costebelle – wine cellar co-operative from Tulette
D’Ardèche et de saison – fruit and vegetable (primarily organic)
Domaine de Brechon – wine- grower
Domaine de Mermès – wine- grower, lavender essential oils
Eyguebelle – fruit cordials
Glaces de l’Ardèche – ice-cream
Imbert – chestnut spread
Kawa africa – coffee
La Boisserelle – wine- grower
Laiterie Carrier – milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt
Laiterie Coucouron – cheese
La Renarde – artisanal organic beer
L’essentiel – direct sale of home-made soap, cordials, essential lavender oil etc
Les Vignerons des Gorges de l’Ardèche – wine- grower
Miellerie des garrigues – honey
Sabaton – chestnut spread
Source de Pestrin – still and sparkling water
? – trout

From the Ardèche plateau

L’Espisarié – grocer’s
Boucherie Nordine El Mestari – butcher’s


Action midi sport – canoeing
Face sud – potholing, canyoning, climbing

Local Craft Businesses

Ardelaine – wool
Bulle verte – eco-friendly cleaning products
Woodlun’s – spectacles/glasses made from wood

Active in the local economy

Acteco – association of people driving the economy of Ardèche plateau
Les Lucioles –  local complementary currency
Ressourcerie – furniture

Our technical partners

Nouvelle Blanchisserie

Our marketing and facilities partners

åvec un H and its “Recettes graphiques“– web designer
Easy tourisme – online marketing
Ngweb – internet manager
Repro concept – printer

Alix –  interior designer
L’ardéchoise – Ardèche cycling race
Les Beaux-livres de Provence – books and stationery
VEPM – landscape gardeners

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