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Solidarity holidays

For some years now, we have wanted to make our place more accessible. For us, camping is intrinsically a place of mixing and sharing between people from different places and backgrounds. To encourage families who cannot leave, we are launching this principle of solidarity holidays.

We are just starting this project. We will update this page regularly to keep you informed.

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The principle of suspended holidays

This concept of solidarity holidays comes from the suspended coffee. The principle: a customer pays for two coffees, consumes one and leaves one behind for someone else who maybe can’t afford it.

Here is the same idea, when you book or stay, you can give a little more. The amount collected will be used to finance stays for families who cannot afford to go on holiday. On our side, we also contribute by reducing the price of the stay.

How does it work?

  1. You add an amount when you pay: 10; 20; …; 100 €.
  2. We create a kitty with all the donations received.
  3. This money is then transferred to our partner association.
  4. The beneficiary families come and stay with us.

Families are accommodated in the same way as anyone else, in one of our accommodation. They have the same facilities and services.

The partner association of our solidarity holidays

To ensure that the scheme works properly, we are building a partnership with an association specialising in solidarity holidays. It acts as an intermediary because its members are in direct contact with the beneficiaries. It therefore acts as a link with the interested families and distributes the fund among them according to their needs. This guarantees that your donations will actually enable families to enjoy a holiday!

Aujourd’hui, nous discutons avec plusieurs associations. Nous vous tiendrons au courant des détails bientôt. En attendant vous pouvez déjà donner via l’option « vacances suspendues » lors de votre réservation.

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