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South Ardèche and wine

Wine tourism in south Ardèche

Vin en Ardèche - wine tourism

Domaine de Briange campsite – in the heart the southern Ardèche vineyards.

Like the whole of the Rhône valley, Ardèche is wine-making territory. The dual weather influence (Mediterranean and continental) makes for quality wines. Our campsite in Saint-Remèze is situated in the middle of the southern Ardèche vineyards which include 3 well-known AOCs:

  • To the east, close to the River Rhône, the Côtes de Rhône label, in yellow on the map
  • All around the campsite are the Côtes du Vivarais wines, indicated in purple
  • To the west, the Ardèche IGP (geographic protection label) wines, in green

During your stay at our campsite, you can visit numerous wine cellars and taste red, white and rosé wines of various grape varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Chatus, Vionier etc). In the summer months, the wine-makers from Domaine de Mermès host wine-tasting sessions at the campsite every Wednesday. And you can also visit the vineyards of other neighbouring wine-growers – Clos de l’Abbé Dubois, Domaine du Bréchon, Clos de Prime and the local wine co-operative. They are all ready and waiting to welcome you!

Good food, good wine !

As everyone knows, it takes a good meal to bring out the best of a good wine! In our campsite restaurant, we choose first and foremost local produce. To whet your appetite, here’s a recipe incorporating a local sparkling wine!

Recipe for Ardèche farm pancakes with Belle-Cécile sauce

Ingredients for pancake mixture (makes 20 pancakes): 350g of flour, 150g of ‘Goutez l’Ardèche’ chestnut flour, 6 organic eggs, 1 litre of Areilladou milk.

Cooking instructions for the filling: fry onions and chicken breasts until golden, add salt and pepper and a good sprinkling of Belle-Cécile sparkling wine, then reduce the liquid. Add cream at the end.

Don’t eat too many! Served on the terrace every Thursday evening in summer with a glass of Belle-Cécile from the Clos de l’Abbé Dubois domain.

Oenotourisme Ardeche - wine tourism

Become an expert on Ardèche wines !


If you would like to find out more about the local wines and enjoy a little wine-tasting, then visit Néovinum in Ruoms, just 30 minutes from the campsite.

A place dedicated to wine tourism and helping amateur wine-lovers improve their appreciation, they concentrate on stimulating your five senses. You can:

  • Learn about the main principals of which food goes with which wine
  • Taste and comment on 3 wines with the help of a professional
  • Find out about the different wine-making techniques that define a wine

For more information, go to Neovinum

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