2020 summer at Domaine de Briange

2020 summer is launched!

— Message of June 15, 2020 —

Space, calm and nature

We prepare you a warm welcome and a happy holiday! Come and change the air, enjoy the nature and the sun of Ardèche. Our field is more than ever a chance. All our accommodation and pitches are very large and spaced apart, spread over 5ha of nature.

We are ready to welcome you in the warm summer atmosphere. Circumstances have allowed us, more than ever, to measure our chance to live here, in this great space of nature. We hope you will come and enjoy the sun, the space, the calm and the nature of this unique place, away from the density of the riverside, as soon as you can.

You can therefore book your stay with us now.

We remain available by email contact@campingdebriange.com or by phone +33 6 22 10 45 72 or +33 4 75 04 14 43.

Ever-existing cleanliness

For 20 years, we have paid particular attention to cleaning and cleanliness. You often congratulate us on our work and we thank you.

For your 2020 holidays, you will be able to enjoy your stay with us in complete tranquility thanks to our cleanliness and hygiene measures. We will also implement the appropriate health protocols – detailed below – to welcome you safely. We will make sure that these arrangements are as discreet as possible, while being effective.

Measures for a day

This section will be updated regularly based on the recommendations we receive from our national union and the Ministries of Health and Tourism which work in collaboration.

You can provide a mask if you wish. It will not be mandatory with us, the physical distance can be easily respected in our large spaces.

We will post wherever it is needed, protection measures and health recommendations that apply.

Do not provide disinfectant wipes or bleach. The current situation does not call into question our ecological commitment. Wipes generate a lot of waste and bleach, in addition to being harmful to health, is not compatible with our sanitation system. Indeed, the septic tank works thanks to a balance which one must maintain. We have planned to provide soap, eco-labeled disinfectant and / or hydro-alcoholic gel in the washrooms, bar / restaurant, shop / reception, or even for your accommodation, if you wish.

At the reception / Grocery shop

For years, arrivals have been spread out throughout the week, avoiding the influx of Saturdays at the reception. We can therefore welcome you as usual, with little waiting and few constraints.

You can come to the reception-shop thanks to the protection measures that we are all used to now, hand washing and physical distancing. Wearing a mask will be recommended.

At the pool

Our spacious swimming pool is ready. There too, little change.

No need to limit attendance, because even at the highest peak, we remain below the recommendations of 4 m2 per person. Indeed, the swimming pool is 600 m2, which corresponds to 150 people at the same time. It never happens. You will just have to keep your distance from neighbouring families.

However, we had to remove the sunbeds, but you can lie on the beaches, or bring your own beach chair. The usual disinfection of water is effective against the virus, which in addition does not like water!

At the restaurant

At the restaurant, few amenities to plan. The terrace is spacious and can accommodate you safely. We removed 2 tables to have even more space than before. The menus were already on the table set, which avoids passing them from hand to hand.

You just have to put your feet under the table and enjoy good local products.

In the sanitary blocks

When camping, our large pitches guarantee you a great distance with your neighbors, a guarantee of calm and tranquility.

We have not yet received the sanitary recommendations of the sanitary facilities. We are therefore still thinking about the specific measures to put in place.

To date, we have already planned to spend more time cleaning to properly disinfect surfaces and handles. We are thinking about setting up a traffic direction and we plan to provide soap and disinfectant to allow you to spend a serene 2020 summer.

In accommodation

For accommodation, for many years, the procedures have been reduced, and therefore well suited to the circumstances: no deposit, no inventory of entry or exit and you leave the keys on the door when leaving – we disinfect when cleaning your accommodation.

We have strengthened our cleaning procedure, which we assure ourselves between each stay. This year, we ask you to:

  • place the sheets yourself in a bag when you leave, to avoid our team handling them,
  • respect the departure and arrival times to allow us the time necessary to properly clean and leave time between each.

Activies of your 2020 summer

Only our activies are not finalized. We will adapt the organization of the workshops so that they take place in compliance with health rules. Today, there are still questions regarding the activities of our service providers: hikes, astronomy and wooden games. Good news, wine tasting is still possible!

New in 2020

  • The offer 5=7 for accommodation and 8=10 for pitches, usually applicable out of season, is extended until July 19 (see prices).
  • We install dry toilets in the sanitary for adults and children!
  • We invite you to meet for a picnic on Monday noon after the welcome drink, under the large oak tree. Of course, we will respect the distances of 1 m between each. Everyone bringing their picnic, there will be no risk of contamination, but only to have a good time!

We can not wait for summer 2020! Take care of yourself.

See you soon,
Agnès, Fred, Romain, Armel

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